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    Types of work visas in Mexico

    In general, there are three visas you can obtain to work in Mexico. They are as follows; 

    • Working Visitor Visa: this give authorization to work in Mexico for remuneration. The foreigner can stay in the country and work for 180 days with authorization to get remunerated for working in Mexico.
    • Temporary Resident Visa: this is given to workers who plan to stay and earn money in Mexico beyond 180 days. This visa is applicable for employees who have a long-term arrangement with a Mexican employer. This visa can be extended for up to 4 years.
    • Permanent Resident Visa: this visa allows foreign workers to stay in Mexico for an indefinite period and is ideal for individuals who want to take a permanent status in Mexico. To get this visa the worker either has family connections or has been working in Mexico under a temporary resident visa for more than four years.

    Required documents for a work visa in Mexico

    To apply to a work visa in Mexico you must have the follow documents;

    • visa application form
    • valid passport
    • a copy of the migratory document
    • valid photo ID
    • an invitation from a private or public institution
    • valid proof of finances, employment, and/or the relationship with the Mexican citizen. 

    Process to get a work visa in Mexico

    Getting a work visa when the employee is based outside of Mexico

    1. Fill out the application form;
    2. Have passport with a minimum validity of 6 months;
    3. Signed letter of authorization from the Mexican Immigration Office with NUT (Número Único de Trâmite) number;
    4. Signed letter of job offer from the company of employment in Mexico;
    5. Signed letter of registration of the company or employer;
    6. Letter of Notification of Authorization of Visa received by the Mexican company;
    7. Airline ticket itinerary;
    8. One color passport size photo;
    9. One photocopy of the following documents: main page of passport, national ID, any former Mexican visas, valid visa from any other country, and any original document you want to keep;
    10. Proof of permanent or temporary legal residence, or legal entry;
    11. Apply in person at the local Consulate Section of the Embassy of Mexico;
    12. Pay the visa fee of $36 USD

    Getting a work visa when the employee is based inside of Mexico

    Part of the visa process will include getting the permit from their home country consulate. The employee must leave Mexico to collect their visa permit and enter with the permit in hand. This makes applying to a work visa when the employee is based inside Mexico not possible.

    Special notes about work visas in Mexico

    It is important to note that an employee must first get a temporary resident work visa before getting a permanent resident visa status. And typically an employer will need to sponsor the visa application of a foreigner for a work visa.

    Hiring in Mexico, Made Easy

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    Yes, Mexican work visa holders can bring their family, however they must when first entering the country enter with the visa permit with their entire family at the same time.

    Between 30-45 days.

    The temporary work visa depends on how many years your employer applies for. However the temporary Mexican work visa can last up to four years.

    Yes, a global employer of record can provide help getting work visas in Mexico.

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