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    Healthcare in Switzerland

    There is no free public healthcare system in Switzerland. Anyone residing in Switzerland is required to take up private health insurance. This means that everyone will have access to high-quality universal healthcare. Premiums can range from 400 CHF a month upwards, with over 60 providers available.

    Foreign nationals coming to reside in Switzerland must organise private health insurance within 3 months of arriving. It is not usual for employers to include a private health insurance policy as a benefit to an employment contract.

    Pensions in Switzerland

    The retirement age in Switzerland currently stands at 64 for women in 65 for men. Switzerland has a three-pillar pension system. The pillar system is as follows.

    Pillar 1: OASI state-pension

    This pension scheme covers all Swiss residents to cover basic needs in their retirement. The funds are gathered from OASI contributions as part of the social taxes paid by employers and employees. The minimum amount given to a single person is based on the average salary over the individual’s lifetime and their OASI contributions. OASI payouts start at 1,225 CHF per month and up to 2,450 CHF a month.

    Pillar 2: Occupation pension

    The occupation pension is a second-tier pension account based on contributions made by an employee and employer to a private retirement fund during the employment lifecycle. This pillar is to ensure that retired individuals will have a sufficient income coming in when retired.

    Pillar 3: Non-compulsory contributions

    This pillar is based on those employees who choose to make contributions outside of the statutory requirements into their retirement fund. Individuals can access the funds in this fund up to 5 years earlier than the statutory retirement age.

    Disability in Switzerland

    Disability benefits are known as invalidity insurance. All individuals living and working are insured under this disability scheme in Switzerland paid through compulsory social taxes. Once approved, eligible individuals will receive disability payments up until retirement age where they will be transferred onto the state pension scheme.

    Unemployment in Switzerland

    Residents who find themselves unemployed in Switzerland may be entitled to unemployment benefits. To be eligible, employees need to make sure they were fired legally, prove they were employed for at least 12 months in 2 years and be between the age of 15 and 64. Foreign nationals are entitled to this benefit if they hold either a B permit or a C permit and can prove Switzerland is their main place of residence. Entitlements equate to 70-80% of their annual salary based on the last 6 months of employment. Depending on how long contributions were made towards social taxes will determine how long unemployment benefits will be paid out.

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    Your business can easily hire employees in Switzerland without opening a local entity. We handle local employment law, complex tax regulations, and international payroll in 180+ countries worldwide. All you need to do is focus on your business.


    Employee benefits are contributed to by employees and employers through payment of mandatory social taxes. These social taxes cover old age pension, disability insurance, unemployment insurance, illness and accident insurance and other allowances.

    Horizons can help accommodate extra non-compulsory benefit requests such as higher private health insurance plans and voluntary pension fund contributions.

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