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COVID-19 – Horizons crédite ses clients en chine via des remboursements de cotisations sociales

COVID-19 – Horizons Issuing Payroll Refunds to Clients in China

Due to a recent change in the law, Horizons will be able to credit certain payroll costs back to clients in China

Horizons, China’s leading PEO that has assisted many companies to hire and retain employees in the Chinese workforce without having to go through the ordeal of establishing a separate legal entity, has recently announced its plan to provide a payroll credit to clients with staff in China who are paid through the Horizons’ payroll platform.

Due to a recent change in Chinese payroll law and in an effort to reduce the labor burden on enterprises during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese government has decreased the required social security contribution from February 2020 to June 2020.

The government is attempting to implement policies that ease the financial burden on companies during this uncertain time.

By decreasing the required social security contribution for this six-month window, the government is able to reduce employer wage costs. The government is also taking this action so that companies will be able to retain more workers by paying less out of pocket for local employees.

The government will provide these credits to Horizons. In turn, Horizons can reimburse clients for costs that were already paid in.

Horizons acknowledges that the government action was intended to assist companies that employ people in China and is dedicated to ensuring this important goal is carried out.

The changes include:

  • 123.9 billion yuan of social contribution have already been exempted in February 2020
  • 109 billion yuan of social contributions have been exempted in March
  • 81% of beneficiaries are small and medium enterprises

Social Security Reductions

Region-specific social security reduction details include:


All categories are reduced in half.

Other Cities Except for Beijing

The following adjustments are being made in other cities excluding Beijing:

  • The pension obligation is reduced to zero
  • Unemployment insurance is reduced to zero
  • Work-injury insurance is reduced to zero
  • Medical and maternity insurance is reduced to half

Housing funds remain the same.

Social Contribution Rates and Overall Labor Burden Changes

Region-specific changes to social contribution rates and overall labor burdens include:


The social contribution rate is down to 26% from 40%. The overall burden is reduced to 90%.


The social contribution rate is down to 12.25% from 33.76%. The overall burden is reduced to 84%.


The social contribution rate is down to 16.35% from31%. The overall burden is reduced to 89%.


The social contribution rate is reduced to 15.45% from 29.26%. The overall burden is reduced to 89%.

Horizons knows that it is especially during this important time to have the right support for your business so that you can make important decisions with the most up-to-date information.

The COVID-19 emergency has had a global impact, and flexibility is key in making prompt changes in your workforce when needed.

For more information on our services and how we can assist you through the COVID-19 epidemic, contact us.

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