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Hire Developers in India: Expand your Business Opportunities With a PEO

Hoe to hire indian developers using a PEO

Hire and pay talents
with Horizons in
180+ countries

The first thing to do to set up a strong tech base is to hire good developers. The digital business arena requires a business to be highly competitive and have a consistent edge over its peers. It has become critical for companies to hire a dedicated team of app and web developers with more competition. More global businesses have started to outsource work and hire developers in India due to its increasing popularity for cost-effective and quality work.

Foreign companies eye India as their preferred location to outsource their work and hire employees who can work on short- and long-term projects. However, finding experienced and trustworthy developers can be a challenge for companies with no prior overseas hiring experience. Add to this the thousands of remote work and outsourcing options available online, the hiring decision can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task. Keeping this in mind, we’ve curated this guide on how to hire developers in India and how a PEO can help.

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Hire Developers for Offshore Job Outsourcing in India

A foreign company can opt for offshore development for its web development, mobile application development, or other software-related requirements. Offshore development involves outsourcing the IT development work to another IT company or developer in a foreign country. This way, foreign companies can easily hire developers in India for their programming, and IT creation needs at any scale they prefer.

Offshore job outsourcing is an effective way to hire professionals at lower rates and maintain a high quality of end product. The method is a great cost-saving tool for new startups and small businesses. With offshore outsourcing, companies do not need to run a full-fledged office in a foreign country. They can simply hire developers as per their requirement for a short or long period.

The company can also free up its in-house team and outsource its IT projects to developers in other countries.

Why Hire Developers in India?

Cost-Efficient Solution

A large number of small businesses and startups end up shutting their shop due to overwhelming expenses. By outsourcing work to offshore developers, the business can save a significant amount of money. When a company chooses to hire developers in India over an internal team, it does not have to pay for the office rent, employee benefits, salaries, allowances, etc. It only has to pay for the work it outsources to the developer or the IT company.

Higher Quality and Efficiency

Since the quantity and quality of work are apparent in the service agreement, companies get higher productivity and excellence levels. The company can also save on the costs and resources for training in-house employees.

Therefore, a company that hires developers in India can avoid the hassles of training new professionals, receive a higher quality of work, and focus on its core business mission.

Scalability and Flexibility of Operations

Companies that hire developers in India get more scalability and flexibility in their operations. Offshore development gives companies the freedom to switch between developers, expand when they want, and remove developers as and when they need it.

Companies only need to inform their employment service provider about their requirements and quickly scale up or down parallel to their operations.

Broader Choice

By hiring outside professionals, a company gets a broader choice to choose the best talent for its requirements. Additionally, it can employ professionals for different programming tools in diverse locations, which is impossible with running an in-house team. Outsourcing also gives an assorted mix of candidates from different backgrounds and cultures when they hire developers in India.

India is a Developing Market

Technology is taking over the Indian markets rapidly, and with newer technologies, more market opportunities appear. Companies that wish to leverage overseas market opportunities can benefit significantly from offshore outsourcing. They can hire developers in India and understand the technologies that are trending in the market. It can also help them understand what consumers may prefer and develop their products accordingly.

Hire Developers in India for Tax Benefits

When companies hire developers in India, they can also save up on the taxes otherwise involved in hiring in-house employees. The government also offers many tax incentives to foreign companies in case of offshore outsourcing to India.

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Hire Developers in India: Key Things to Keep in Mind 

Though outsourcing work to a foreign country comes with a long list of benefits, finding the right offshore partner or developers can be challenging. Therefore, to hire developers in India, a foreign company must consider the following:

Skill Set of Developers

The first thing a company must assess before it hires developers in India is their skill set. It is essential to ascertain that the developers have the needed skills and know-how to perform their tasks and complete their goals. The foreign company must also assess the developers’ creativity, communication skills, technical skills, decision-making abilities, etc.

Client Testimony

The company must also verify the developer’s past track record and review/testimony of their clients. (By hiring developers in India through a PEO, a company can easily verify the professional’s recommendations and client feedback.)


The company must also confirm that the developers have the right tools to handle their clients’ work. If the developers lack the proper IT setup or software, the foreign enterprise must look for a more experienced team.

Common Myths About Hiring Developers in India

Offshore Outsourcing Reduces Quality of Services

Many foreign companies doubt the ability of overseas developers and worry about quality and productivity standards. Although some hiccups are unavoidable in any work situation, a company can hire developers in India and, in fact, increase its productivity and efficiency. The service agreement between the company and developers defines the timelines and quality of work that the latter has to deliver.

Outsourcing Discourages In-House Team

Some companies also believe that outsourcing their in-house work may discourage their team and lead to a hostile work environment. However, by outsourcing work to outside developers, a company can free up its in-house team and allow it to focus on more critical tasks. The in-house team will also feel less burdened with work and will be able to work with more zeal and efficiency.

Outsourcing Poses Data Threats

Many companies also worry about data security and the infringement of trade secrets issues. However, companies can resolve this by entering into non-disclosure agreements with foreign developers. This way, any form of integrity or security issues can lead to legal action against the developer.

Outsourcing Makes Performance Tracking Difficult

Companies also worry that the different time zones can cause concern in tracking and assessing performance. Traditional companies believe that it is easier to follow performance and share feedback with in-house employees. However, with proper HR tools, a company can easily track its overseas developers’ performance, check the status of assigned tasks, and eliminate any communication issues with real-time feedback.

Additionally, a company can hire developers in India through an experienced PEO to eliminate any issues that may arise with outsourcing work and delegate all its hiring and management responsibilities to the PEO.

Hire and pay talents
with Horizons in
180+ countries

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