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Recruitment & Talent Acquisition in China – How to Grow an International Team Onsite


Horizons is a Professional Employer Organization whose expertise in China ensures an extensive HR service in addition to the recruitment of your candidates. We are working with local Chinese candidates as well as with foreign candidates, including candidates from the niche industries.

Our consultants are professional recruiters and researchers with a wealth experience in the market they are focusing on. Our multinational team gazers people from China, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, Russia, the UK, and the US. This gives us an opportunity to cover our client’s needs not only in China but for their business overseas.

Describe rapidly the type of candidates you’re looking for; our recruitment specialists will answer you within 24 hours with the key items you need to validate.

Solutions for your company’s global growth

Initial Search

Our Methodology

Our team focuses on your search according to your requirements. We activate our local network to pre-select the most qualified candidates and advertise your job offers to the main platforms of recruitment in China through our premium recruitment channels.

Horizons will introduce to an extensive list of qualified candidates for your company to screen, shortlist and interview candidates yourself internally. You will need to invest your time in the process, and our consultants will remain available to assist you throughout any part of the process.

For which companies is this method suitable?

For those without searching resources, but which have time and HR staff dedicated to candidates’ interviewing, from the first call until the offer negotiation and on-boarding process.   

Process for Initial Search

  1. Searching Agreement Confirmation

We explain to you the terms and conditions of the project, including services fee, payment periods and methodology, as well as a guarantee period.

  1. Job Posting & Network Research

Our team starts the search through our local network and all the specialized local platforms. Furthermore, we ensure the pre-screening of all interested candidates prior to sending you their resume and contact information.

Full Recruitment Project

Our Methodology

Let us take care of everything. You will just need to make yourself available to interview the most qualified and suitable candidates. This is the classic approach for recruiting in a foreign country. Whatever the size of your company, you let our project manager lead the way throughout the entire recruitment project.

Horizons’ Process for Full Recruitment Project

  1. Searching Agreement Confirmation

We explain to you the terms and conditions of the project, including services fee, payment periods and methodology, as well as a guarantee period.

  1. Recruitment Advisory on your Needs and Requirements

We prefer to know all about your company, your team, and the role itself. Your expectations will be discussed, defined, and assessed according to the reality of the Chinese market. We identify a budget and set a time-frame for the project.

  1. Searching Candidates

We use our own database and the local job boards to search candidates, as well as referrals from our regional networks in China.

  1. Screening, Shortlisting, Internal Interviewing

Before we send you a shortlist of selected candidates for the role, our specialists will check dozens of CVs, always screened by phone with follow up interviews of the qualified candidates. We try to get maximum information from the candidates, assess their motivation and career expectations. This phase is essential to provide you with an informative shortlist of already screened, interviewed and selected candidates who are interested in the role and your company. After that, you will just need to let us know your availability for the interviews. Interviews can be arranged for the most suitable process for your company.

  1. Scheduling Interviews between your Company and the Candidate

We take care of the set-up of the interviews upon your availability, keeping constant contact with the candidates.

  1. Reference Check & Offer Negotiation

Our HR supervisors will ensure the completion of a reference check for all selected candidates, upon your request. We also help you to make an attractive offer fitting the labor market and common practices.

  1. Candidate’s On-boarding

We always follow up throughout the on-boarding process by assisting our clients and our candidates with all administrative steps. Horizons will secure the new hire in record time.

Recruit globally with Horizons EOR services.

Local Payroll Support

Our Methodology

Once the candidate is recruited, our HR team can also take care of the on-boarding and legal administration process of the labor contract (“employment solution”). We have developed industry standards that incorporate provisions that protect your interests while remaining compliant with China’s strong employee-protection laws. Our local entity can act as the employer of record in China on your behalf, while the candidate reports directly to you regarding the employee’s mission, targets, daily activities, etc.

This method insulates you from common liabilities associated with being the direct employer while still allowing you to maintain control over the daily operations of your business. We can also provide you with legal and compliance consulting to ensure that you remain compliant at all times with local labor organizations.

Horizons’ Process for a Project-based contract – consulting service

Exactly the same process as for a Full Recruitment Project option. The difference is that this employee will be employed by our consulting company – and will provide consulting service on a site of the client. You don’t need to take care of any administrative processes, just need to pay a provided every month invoice for consultant’s services, that’s all.

What Industries and Roles Do We Cover?

Define your needs, we grow your team.

Horizons is involved into all foreign-invested companies’ scope of activities authorized in the People’s Republic of China, with a main focus on the following dynamic industries:

  • Automotive
  • Automation
  • Electrical / Electronic
  • FMCG
  • Pharma, Biotech & Medical
  • Apparel & Fashion
  • Food & Beverage
  • IT
  • Packaging
  • Others

The job functions which our recruitment specialists focus on include Commercial, Operational, Supporting, Corporate, Executive, R&D and Technical activities. Horizons can execute search projects for roles ranging from mid-management to executive level within the above industries. New Horizon’s database includes local Chinese and foreign candidates and has been built up from our network of experts have longstanding experience in China.

One Partner to Hire All Your Employees

Horizon is a global recruitment agency gathering the most experienced recruitment professionals. We provide our clients with direct access to our worldwide pool of candidates and bring you a 360-degree recruitment overview for each new hire in China. We customize every search for every single project we take care of.

Run all your recruitment operations through a single partner. The talent acquisition team of Horizons assists all companies, directly communicating with the headquarters, in order to allow remote talent search and secure new hires in record time.

Let our sophisticated team find and select the best candidates for your company, while your HR department can focus on the final face-to-face meetings!

But our help does not stop there. We are committed to making your company international expansion success and provide ongoing support and assistance with compliance matters and can take care of the HR functions of your business so that you can focus on operations. Contact us today to learn more about our impressive service offerings.