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    Remote work in the Philippines – Overview

    Remote working has gained significant popularity in the Philippines, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work offers employers greater flexibility in managing their workforce and can lead to cost savings in terms of office space and utilities.

    The growth of remote work is supported by the Philippines’ strong information technology and telecommunications infrastructure. Improved internet connectivity and the availability of communication tools enable smoother remote collaboration in the Philippines.

    Some companies in the Philippines are adopting hybrid work models, where employees work both remotely and in the office on designated days. This approach allows for a balance between the benefits of remote work and in-person collaboration.

    Remote work in the Philippines – Laws & Regulations

    In 2019, the Philippines passed the Telecommuting Act, which recognizes telecommuting as an alternative work arrangement in private companies. The law provides guidelines and protections for remote workers, such as ensuring equal treatment and access to training and career development opportunities.

    As such, remote working conditions must follow the Philippines Labor Code the same way that in person workers do. Proper equipment, training, and treatment must be conducted the same as if the employee was an in-person worker.

    Lastly, employers need to ensure that remote work arrangements comply with labor laws, data privacy regulations, and company security policies. This includes protecting sensitive company information and ensuring remote workers’ rights are upheld.

    Hiring in the Philippines, Made Easy

    Your business can easily hire employees in the Philippines without opening a local entity. We handle local employment law, complex tax regulations, and international payroll in 180+ countries worldwide. All you need to do is focus on your business.


    The Philippines can be a very good country for remote work. Some factors are listed below:

    • Strong English Proficiency: English is widely spoken and understood in the Philippines, making communication with remote clients and international teams easier.
    • Cost of Living: The cost of living in the Philippines is generally lower than in many Western countries, making it more affordable for remote workers, especially those earning in foreign currency. This can lead to a higher standard of living and potentially more disposable income.
    • Information Technology Infrastructure: The Philippines has made significant strides in developing its information technology and telecommunications infrastructure. Internet connectivity has improved in recent years, enabling smooth remote collaborations and online work.
    • Pool of Skilled Workers: The country has a large and educated workforce with a diverse range of skills.

    There are plenty of options if you want to hire remote employees in the Philippines. Due to its low cost of living, reliable information technology and telecommunications infrastructure, and amazing nature it has become a popular place for candidates to seek remote work. 

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