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Paid leave in

SALARY PAYMENT IN Swedish Krona (SEK, kr)




TIME TO HIRE 24 hours

Annual leave in Sweden (holiday / vacation)

Mandatory annual leave in Sweden is 25 days. Employees in Sweden are obligated to take at least 20 days of paid holiday each year, with any remaining mandatory leave days and any additional days granted in the contract rolling over to the next year.

When an employee takes leave in Sweden, they are entitled to a mandatory holiday allowance representing 12% of the annual gross salary. This mandatory bonus can be divided by 12 and paid monthly, paid quarterly, or paid annually.

Employees are entitled to take their paid holidays continuously (4 weeks) any time from June to August.

Parental leave in Sweden

Employees in Sweden can access up to 16 months (480 days) of parental leave. The 480-day allowance can be shared between either parent, but 90 days of it are reserved for each parent specifically. Single parents are entitled to the full 480 days themselves.

In terms of remuneration, employers are not required to cover parental leave payments (but many do), and parents can usually access government-funded support of 80% of normal salary. This is limited depending on the type of leave being taken, and is reduced to a significantly lower payment after 390 days of leave.

A further form of parental support allows parents with children under the age of eight to work part-time at 3/4 hours (or more).

Employees need to provide at least two months of notice to employers before taking parental leave.

Maternity leave in Sweden

The mother or primary parent is entitled to at least seven weeks of leave before and after birth.

Paternity leave in Sweden

The second parent can take ten days of leave for the birth.

Sick leave in Sweden

Employees in Sweden are entitled to paid sick leave. For the first 14 days of leave, employers must provide compensation at 80% of normal salary. Beyond 14 days, payments are made via Sweden’s social insurance system.

Bereavement and compassionate leave in Sweden

The amount of time allowed for compassionate leave depends on individual agreements. Bereavement or compassionate leave is generally unpaid.

Hiring in Sweden, Made Easy

Your business can easily hire employees in Sweden without opening a local entity. We handle local employment law, complex tax regulations, and international payroll in 185 countries worldwide. All you need to do is focus on your business.


The minimum amount of annual leave in Sweden is 25 days. 20 of those days must be taken.

The standard leave amount in Sweden is the same as the minimum required amount: 25 days. Sometimes, according to the employee’s requirement or collective bargaining agreement, the expected amount of PTO could be higher. This is normal.

Employees in Sweden are entitled to 14 days of paid sick leave per year, paid by the employer. The first 14 paid sick days are paid at minimum 80% of the normal salary of the employee. After the 14th paid sick day, then the social insurance system will pay benefits to the employee instead of the employer paying.

After the 8th day of paid sick leave, the employee should produce a medical certificate.

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