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How Firecell secured top-talent through Horizons

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Key Takeaways

1. Firecell, a French startup, needed support for a hiring in India. Horizons helped them hire their employee until he could move to France.

2. Sometimes immigration can be complicated. A Global PEO can help add extra time to your employee immigration by hiring them temporarily in their home country, and overcome immigration challenges.

3. It is the responsibility of a Global PEO to be familiar with local employment law so you don’t have to be. Using PEO services temporarily is a valuable use of services.

4. For asynchronous work arrangements, having a cloud-based HR platform is a huge organizational advantage, saving you time in back-and-forth.


Firecell is a French tech start-up that develops, packages, and distributes the world’s first open-source 4G and 5G core network and Open-RAN compatible radio access network software suite. This technology simplifies and streamlines network operations and maintenance in order to improve network reliability in remote or underserviced locations, to create public shared networks or private networks, to overcome the limitations of WiFi, and precisely track and geofence company tools, products, or vehicles.


Firecell’s clients are large-scale enterprises in tech, industry, and education.

It’s a company that develops and deploys high-tech solutions, a task that requires top talent no matter where in the world those talents are.

Firecell had a great candidate lined up in India. A PEO helped hire the candidate compliantly while visa paperwork was filed.

Immigration is not always a smooth process. Sometimes it takes time. In the world of employment, schedules are often crunched—candidates often do not have the luxury of taking time off work while immigration paperwork is processed. This is what Firecell faced when they identified a software developer in India with suitable niche skills.

Due to normal immigration timelines, bringing this candidate to France was not an immediate option, and employing him as a contractor wasn’t ideal either; it could have created an employee misclassification risk for Firecell, and wouldn’t have given the employee social security benefits from being a full-time employee. [Read more about the difference between employees and contractors]

In order to secure the candidate, Firecell needed a fast and compliant local employment solution until the candidate could join the HQ in France. That means they needed to know and comply with international tax laws as well as local Indian employment laws— no small feat when time is of the essence.

Horizons can onboard employees in as little as 48 hours, anywhere. Since Firecell had already identified an employee, the process to hire them onto Horizon’s India entity was simple, straightforward, and fast: a perfect solution for the problem they faced.

Onboarded using the latest tech

In the case of Firecell, all official documents were collected from the employee via Horizons’ HR management platform and used to create an employment contract that was compliant according to Indian employment law. The employment contract was signed, and the employee was able to begin compliantly working for Firecell with minimal time lost.

Even better, the HR management for that employee was also centralized on the Horizons platform. This means that essential HR admin like national holidays of India, leave requests, expense reporting, and document records were all available in one secure cloud location, at any time it was needed by the employee or the company. Such a platform is key for the success of asynchronous, globally distributed teams. [Check our other tips for successful remote-friendly working environments]

The best part of this story? Eventually, the employee was able to join the home office in France after securing a France working visa.

About Horizons

Horizons help businesses expand, recruit and hire in 180+ international locations through PEO / EOR services. Horizons handles all employee payroll, benefits, and tax compliance on behalf of international enterprises, saving them up to 85% on the cost of international hiring. Horizons has helped companies hire employees in dozens of industries, including software developers in India, China, the Philippines, and elsewhere.

Contact us today if you need support in global hiring.

Frequently asked questions

Immigration issues can complicate plans of international expansion or other plans of global hiring.

You may face immigration challenges for your employees similar to the following:

  • Delays in visa application process due to global events
  • Travel restrictions making it impossible to obtain necessary paperwork
  • Visa rejection due to administrative error or paperwork error & need to reapply
  • Changes in policy increasing the barrier to entry

How do you overcome immigration challenges?

One option is to utilize a Global PEO such as Horizons to hire the employee temporarily in their home country while completing all necessary visa paperwork. This allows you to secure the talent you’ve identified for the job while working steadily through normal challenges that arise from global hiring.

Here is a list of advantages for using a Global PEO to overcome immigration challenges for your employee:

  • Local expertise
  • HR cloud platform that saves you time
  • A deep understanding of what solutions you need

Local Expertise: Global PEOs should be local experts on employment law and best practice. When a company engages a PEO for global hiring, they should receive accurate, timely information on the market. 

HR Cloud platform that saves you time: Horizons HR cloud platform was built by HR professionals for HR professionals, specifically for the Co-employment scenario that rises from EOR services. Its convenient UI and cloud-based architecture means that it is perfect for teams working across time-zones.

A deep understanding of what solutions you need: When a company engages a PEO to overcome immigration challenges, we understand that it’s a temporary solution for a temporary problem, and we are happy to help.

When it comes to global hiring, Horizons has seen it all. Contact us today if you would like our support in your global hiring goals.

Hire borderless talent with Horizons

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