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What is the average salary in India?

The average salary in India ranges just like the minimum wage between states. It is reported that the national average monthly salary is of INR 32,840, which equates to approximately $422 USD with the current exchange rate.

What is the average salary in New Delhi?

The average salary is New Delhi is higher than anywhere else in India. For a skilled worker, the average salary as of 2023 is reported around 576,000 INR a year or 48,000 INR a month ($588.84 USD). This average is different between industries, roles, education level and experience.

Are there regional variations in the India average wage?

There are significant regional differences in average salary, and also differences based on if a worker is unskilled, skilled, and has formal tertiary education.

How does the average salary in India compare to surrounding countries?

The average salary in India is one of the lowest in the South East Asian region, especially for skilled workers. This gives a chance for foreign employers to find highly skilled talent for a fraction of the price they would pay in their own country.

Average salary in India based on Industry

Figures based on data from Paylab.

What is the average salary for tech workers in India?

Tech workers in India make on average considerably more than many other workers in other industries. Here are some of the top roles and their respective average salaries.

  • Software Developer: 523,448 INR
  • Information Technology Consultant: 1,099,498 INR
  • Team Leader (IT): 1,223,956 INR
  • Software Engineer: 542,164 INR
  • Quality Assurance Engineer: 431,260 INR

What is the average salary for engineers in India?

Engineer salaries vary based on the type of engineering work, level of education and experience. Here are some average salaries for common roles in the engineering sector in India.

  • Civil Engineer: 360,000
  • Mechanical engineer: 445,050 INR
  • Electrical Engineer: 350,000
  • Chemical Engineer: 490,020 INR

What is the average salary for salespeople in India?

Salaries within sales and marketing can vary significantly in India, with entry level or retail like sales paying out salaries on the lower end. Here are some common ranges for salaries for sales jobs in India.

  • Area Sales Manager: 550,000 INR
  • Business Development Manager: 540,000 INR
  • Relationship Manager: 392,000 INR
  • Account Executive: 325,000 INR
  • Marketing Manager: 629,000 INR

What is the average salary for my industry in India?

No matter what industry you are looking to hire employees in India in, we can help you find skilled talent that suits your companies needs and advise you on ranges specific to roles in your industry. Contact us for a free consultation for your hiring project.

Hiring in India, Made Easy

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As India already has a very competitive market for low cost labour and talent, it will be hard to find similar high-quality employees in other countries. However, as India has one of the world’s largest talent pools, with significant regional variances between salary averages, you may be able to find talent closer to your budget outside the major hubs in India.

There are a few states that have the lowest average salaries for a range of skilled and clerical employment opportunities. Lakshadweep Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra have consistently seen the lowest average salaries across the country for workers.

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