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13th month pay in Spain.

Learn about the 13th month salary in Spain thanks to Horizons’ up-to-date guide.

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    Is there a 13th month pay in Spain?

    Yes, it is standard practice in Spain for employers to provide not just 13 but 14 yearly payments.

    How is the 13th month pay calculated in Spain?

    Generally, an employee’s annual salary will be divided into 14 equal payments, so the ‘13th-month payment’ will equal one-fourteenth of the annual salary.

    When is the 13th month salary paid in Spain?

    There are two mandatory bonus payments in addition to the normal 12 monthly payments. These must be paid in July and December.

    Does the 13th month salary amount to any extra payment by the employer?

    In practice, no. Usually, the agreed employee salary will be divided into 14 equal payments. In Spain, the 13th and 14th month salary, in practice, is less like a bonus and more like an alternative form of salary distribution – 14 installments instead of the 12 commonly seen in other countries.

    Is the 13th month salary taxable in Spain?

    Yes, the extra payments are taxable as normal income.


    The 13th and 14th months of pay are required by law in Spain.

    Yes, in Spain there are 14 months of pay. One is normally paid out in July and December.

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