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Annual leave in Spain (holiday / vacation)

Employees in Spain are entitled to a minimum of 23 days of annual leave. In practice, the standard offering is 25 days or more.

Annual leave is accrued on a pro-rated basis in the first year of employment. For the second year and beyond, employees are entitled to the full amount at the beginning of the year.

There are no minimum or maximum regulations surrounding the accumulation and expiry of unused annual leave, so these are at the employer’s discretion.

Parental leave in Spain

Paid parental leave in Spain is covered by the government, not the employer. To qualify for paid leave, a parent must have paid social security contributions to the Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social for at least 180 days in the last seven years (or 360 days across their lives).

Maternity leave in Spain

Mothers in Spain are entitled to 16 weeks of paid parental leave. A minimum of six weeks of leave must be taken after the birth.

Paternity leave in Spain

The rules for parental leave for the second parent are the same as those for maternity leave– 16 weeks.

Sick leave in Spain

Employees in Spain are entitled to a minimum of 15 days of paid sick leave per year, with full salary covered via the country’s social security system. It is standard practice for employers to follow this mandatory minimum entitlement.

Employers may need to pay the salary initially, then apply for reimbursement from the government.

Bereavement and compassionate leave in Spain

Employees in Spain receive a minimum of two days of paid bereavement leave upon the death of an immediate relative. This is extended to four days if travel is required.

Employees are also entitled to 15 days of paid marriage leave.

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The minimum amount of annual leave in Spain is 23 days; however, the standard offered to employees is at least 25 days, and more for senior employees.

The standard amount of paid time off (PTO) in Spain is 25 days or more.

The minimum amount of sick leave in Spain is 15 days per year; employers usually pay the employee’s salary during their sick leave, then apply for a reimbursement from the government later.

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