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    What is the average salary in Spain?

    The average salary in Spain as of 2022 is around €27,000/year.

    What is the average salary in Madrid?

    In the capital city of Madrid, salaries are generally higher than the rest of Spain, with an average of around €35,000 to €40,000 per year.

    Are there regional variations in Spain’s average wage?

    Yes, as in most countries, people living in the larger cities, such as Barcelona and Madrid, generally earn more on average than those in smaller towns and remote areas.

    How does the average salary in Spain compare to surrounding countries?

    Compared to the rest of Western Europe, Spain’s average salary is relatively low. However, neighboring Portugal has a significantly lower average salary, and the cost of living in Spain is also low, so the quality of life is comparable or sometimes superior to other surrounding countries.

    Average salary in Spain based on Industry

    Average salary in Spain can vary depending on the industry. See below some average salaries in some of the more popular industries. For more precise numbers related to your specific hiring project, contact us.

    What is the median income for tech workers in Spain?

    Computer developers in Spain have an average salary of €31,898 per year.

    What is the median income for engineers in Spain?

    Engineers in Spain have an average salary of €29,391 per year.

    What is the median income for salespeople in Spain?

    Salespeople in Spain have an average salary of €26,895 per year .

    What is the median income for my industry in Spain?

    Horizons has rich experience recruiting candidates all over the world, and as such can provide salary insights. Contact us if you’re looking for hiring support for your expansion to Spain.

    Hiring in Spain, Made Easy

    Your business can easily hire employees in Spain without opening a local entity. We handle local employment law, complex tax regulations, and international payroll in 180+ countries worldwide. All you need to do is focus on your business.


    If your budget is less than the average salary in Spain, or if you have been searching for suitable talent over a long period of time, you would have two options to increase your chances of finding suitable candidates:

    Option 1: Increase the budget

    Sometimes when searching for talent in unfamiliar markets, expectations of candidate costs do not meet reality. Finding a way to increase the budget might be the push your talent search needs and is worthy of consideration when possible.

    Option 2: Search for talent is less expensive markets

    Another option, if the employee does not need to be based precisely in Spain, is to search for talent in markets that have less expensive but still highly qualified talent. For example, you might open the search to include Portugal, since salaries are generally lower there. With Horizons, you have access to the global marketplace and the flexibility to pivot when necessary.

    The Canary Islands and Extremadura offer the lowest average salaries in Spain, with each clocking in at just over €1,400 per month.

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