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    What is the average salary in Thailand?

    The average salary in Thailand varies across the country by region and city. In 2022, the salary range was reported to be anywhere from 24,500 Baht per month to 433,000 baht per month. This equates to around 711 USD to 12,800 USD, with an average salary for the country equalling around 96,900 Baht per year.

    What is the average salary in Bangkok?

    Bangkok has the highest reported average salary in Thailand at 131,000 Baht per month.

    Are there regional variations in the Thailand average wage?

    Like minimum wage, there is significant variances in reported average salaries across Thailand based on city and region. Factors that also influence salaries include type of profession, expertise, and level of education. For example, an individual that has no education can only expert an average salary of around 8,852 Baht per month, while someone who has attained a doctorate can attract anything from 48,550.22 THB.

    How does the average salary in Thailand compare to surrounding countries?

    The average salary in Thailand is one of the highest in the ASEAN region. However, this varies on the factors already mentioned above.

    Average salary in Thailand based on Industry

    The type of occupation plays a pivotal role in determining a salary expectation in Thailand with experience in any industry improving salary prospects greatly just like other nations. Below are some average salaries for some popular roles. Males also attract higher salaries than females even if hired in the same role type.

    What is the average salary for tech workers in Thailand?

    Those working in technology can expect to earn higher salaries than some other occupations. For example, a computer programmer can earn around 96,600 Baht per month or 1,159,200 Baht per year.

    What is the average salary for engineers in Thailand?

    The type of engineering specialty and experience of an individual varies the average salary for engineers. A mechanical engineer with 1-3 years of experience can expect an average salary of 57,657 Baht per month or 691,887 Baht annually.

    What is the average salary for salespeople in Thailand?

    A marketing or sales professional can attract a wide range of average salaries depending on education level, if the role is commission based and what sort of products or services they sell. One of the lowest paid roles in sales is a sales assistant attracting am average salary of 590,000 Baht per year. A sales development representative with 1 to 3 years’ experience can expect 996, 900 Baht per year on average.

    What is the average salary for my industry in Thailand?

    If you are struggling to find a good indicator for what sort of average salary you might attract or should ask for in Thailand, contact us for a free consultation for your hiring project.

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    If your budget is lower than the average salary in Thailand, you may be able to find skilled talented someone outside the more popular cities. If you want talent in Bangkok, you may be able offer a remote working package or other benefits to compensate the lower salary. If either of these options are not sufficient, you can try look for talent in surrounding countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, or India for talent.

    The lowest average salaries can be found in Narathiwata, Pattani and Yala, which are in the most southern area of Thailand.

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