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    Social security in Thailand – Overview

    Social Protection in Thailand composes of several schemes such as social security or social insurance, social assistance, provident funds, social services, etc. For social security scheme, it is under the responsibility of Social Security Office. Both the employer and the employee are contributing 5% of the salary to social security.

    What does the social security system in Thailand cover?

    Social security is regulated in Thailand under the Social Security Act. Only employees over the age of 15 and under 6o years are eligible to contribute and be covered by social security benefits. It provides financial security to individuals who fall sick or cannot work who have resided in Thailand longer than 180 days. Some of the benefits an insured individual is entitled to include:

    Injury or sickness benefit

    If contributions have been made for more than three months within the last 15 months for an employee, then they are covered for any non-occupational injury or sickness. Individuals can access financial support, and get various medical tests and treatments covered.

    Maternity benefits

    If an employee has made at least 5 months or more within the last 15 months of social security contributions, then they can access maternity benefits. This includes paid contributions and access to medical support before and after the birth of a child. This support is only available for two pregnancies.

    Disability Benefits

    Employees who have contributed to social security for at least 3 months or more in the last 15 months are entitled to receive disability support up to 50% of their salary for a certain period determined by the Medical Committee of Thailand.

    Death Benefits

    If there have been social security contributions made for at least one month within the last since of a recently deceased individual, a death allowance will be given to their family or an instructed administrator. This will be towards funeral expenses and other expenses related to the death of the individual.

    Child Benefits

    Only those employees who have contributed to the social security fund for at least 12 months in the last 36 months are entitled to access child benefits. Child benefits include children’s living expenses, children’s tuition fees, children’s medical expenses and any other expenses related with each child under the age of 15.

    Old Age Benefits

    To access old age benefits in Thailand, an individual must have contributed to social security for at least 180 months and be over the age of 55. Individuals can access a monthly lump sum payout or a total lump sum payout. 

    Unemployment Benefits

    If an individual becomes unemployed and has contributed to social security for atleast six months in the last 15 months, then they will be able to access unemployment benefits until they find their next job role.

    Employers who have more than one employee must register and submit a social security fund applications for each employee within 30 days from their first day of employment. Foreigners who legally reside and live in Thailand on a valid work permit must submit their own application to the Social Security Office.  

    What are the mandatory contributions for employees to social security in Thailand?

    Employees are expected to contribute 5% of their salary to social security in Thailand.

    What are the mandatory contributions for employers to social security in Thailand?

    Employers are expected to contribute 5% of the employees to the social security fund in Thailand.

    How do mandatory contributions compare to the surrounding countries?

    Compared to other ASEAN countries, Thailand has one of the better regimes for mandatory contributions than some it’s of neighbouring countries.

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    Employers must contribute a minimum of 5% of an employee’s salary to social security each month.

    Social security covers employed individuals for injury or sickness benefits, maternity benefits, disability benefits, death benefits, child benefits, old-age benefits, and unemployment benefits.

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