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    Healthcare in Thailand

    The Thai healthcare system is known as the Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS) and was implemented by the Thai Government in 2002. Healthcare is provided to Thai citizens and residents through three different schemes. This is the public system, the Civil Service Medical Benefit Scheme (CSMBS), and the Social Security Scheme (SSS). Private healthcare providers complement the three schemes.

    The public system provides basic health service coverage for all Thai citizens that are not covered by social security contributions by private employees and employers. Some of the disadvantages of the public system in comparison to the private healthcare services, is that wait times can be slow, some equipment is out of date, assignment to specific hospitals, can be extremely expensive if you require more extensive treatments. The private system is made up of a range of private hospitals and clinics that offer more advanced diagnostics, treatments, and services. The UCS is funded by the Thai government.

    Pensions in Thailand

    In Thailand, pensions from employment come in two forms, The Provident Fund and from severance pay. For those to be eligible for old-age benefits, the will need to have contributed to the social security fund for a minimum of 180 months over their employment years and be over the age of 55. They will receive 20% of their average

    Disability in Thailand

    Those who have contributed to social security for at least 3 months within the last 15 months are eligible to receive disability benefits in the amount of 50% of their average salary for their whole life and medical reimbursements. Eligible reimbursements are determined by the Thai Medical Committee.

    Unemployment in Thailand

    There are specific criteria that individuals must meet to receive unemployment benefits.

    Hiring in Thailand, Made Easy

    Your business can easily hire employees in Thailand without opening a local entity. We handle local employment law, complex tax regulations, and international payroll in 180+ countries worldwide. All you need to do is focus on your business.


    In Thailand, employees can receive benefits that sickness, maternity, death, child/children, old age, and unemployment if they contribute to social security for varied amount of time. All Thai citizens, regardless of employment has access to basic healthcare services as part of the UCS.

    Horizons does not provide any benefits that are mandatory contributions by employers in Thailand, but they can help with contract drafting, onboarding, employment management, annual taxation reports and extra private health insurance as part of their contracts.

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